Full-service cybersecurity solutions

Straight-forward services with a straight-forward goal:  to defend your business.

Improve your security posture

Fulfill cybersecurity requirements

Focus on your highest priorities

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's nearly impossible to know where to start.

Infinite options.  Ever-evolving threats.  Looming anxiety about compliance.

Big box vendors make solving these problems more complex than it should be. But at Aphthoria, we believe that delivering rock-solid cybersecurity doesn't have to be complicated - it just has to work.

We ensure your organization is protected with right-fit technology that's cost-effective, straightforward, and most importantly, actually works.

The way we see it, being effective is more important than being flashy when it comes to cybersecurity.

Our primary goal is protecting your organization with solutions that just work.

We listen and know how to take complex cybersecurity practices and simplify them into effective solutions for you.
We're down-to earth businesspeople who invest everything in building relationships for the long run.
We implement technology to address your specific needs - and reduce the clutter.
We're here to support you no matter what, even when sS%! hits the fan - you'll always be able to reach us.

Get effective solutions that are tuned to your unique environment.  No fluff, no fancy talk, Just technology that works.

The cybersecurity industry is designed to perpetuate fear and uncertainty.

Aphthoria is different.

We're a true advocate who will guide you through the maze of options to the right solutions for your business.

Monitor and Detect Threats

An incident will cost you money, waste your time, and cause long-term damage to your business.  We install and configure effective tools in your unique environment so we can find threats across your entire network.

Respond When Events Occur

An accidental click on a bad link can break your business. We equip you with effective tools to help identify events, mitigate malicious software, and restore your sense of security.

Train Your Team To Protect Your Business

Avoid operational interruptions with training that will turn your team into an active, engaged line of defense.

A cybersecurity incident could cost you everything. With Aphthoria, you'll get effective solutions that really work for your business. And you'll have a partner wholly committed to your security.

We know you don't get excited about cybersecurity, but we do.  Providing an excellent experience and comprehensive protection is central to everything we do.

We've defended government agencies, fortune-100 companies and small businesses.  We leverage this experience to help simplify the process of securing your company. Let us worry about your cybersecurity so you don't have to.

We're here to make the complicated stuff simple.  Protecting your company from a world eager to cause harm shouldn't be so complex.

Aphthoria:  simple, no-nonsense cybersecurity.

  • Operational interruptions
  • Limited productivity
  • The wrong solutions
  • Wasted money on bells & whistles you don't need
  • Feel confident in your security posture
  • Know you have a partner who cares
  • Find effective solutions that are best for you financially and operationally
Save yourself time and frustration up front. Partner with Aphthoria and know you have a partner you can trust for the long term.